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Penis Enlargement Device ous Philippine languages were studied and systematized by the first Penis Enlargement Device missionaries to the islands, although none of these works were printed, so far as is known, before 1.610. Probably the earliest of these was a vocabulary of the language of the Cebu islanders, by Martin de Rada who died in 1580. Other early Augustinians composed linguistic works as follows Agustin de Alburquerque died 1580 an Arte , or grammar, of the Tagal language Diego Ochoa died 1585 , an Penis Enlargement Device Arte and vocabulary of the Pampango Esteban Marin died 1601 , Artes of Igorrote and Zambal. 69 Spanish, actos solenes, i liciones de erudicion. At Manila, in Chirino s time, there was only what Penis Enlargement Device is called collegium inchoatum but in ordinary colleges of the Society, with a complete order of classes, it was the custom, at Penis Enlargement Device the solemnis instauratio studiorum , for the prefect of studies or the professor of rhetoric to inaugurate the year s work by delivering a learned discourse, before the whole academic body and to this function Penis Enlargement Device t.he appreciative public was invited. Sometimes the Penis Enlargement Device students gave a public Penis Enlargement Device exhibition of their work and profic

iency. This solemn act might be a dramatic representation an original play written for the occasion or it might Penis Enlargement Device Penis Enlargement Device Penis Enlargement Device Penis Enlargement Device consist of literary exercises on the part of the scholars, music being also introduced. The technical name for these purely literary exercises was ecomm iperform to the max male enhancement ingredients an academy, or specimen and naturally they would take place during the course of the scholastic year Such was the custom of the age, in Spanish countries. Rev. E.I. Devitt, S.J. 70 Molave is which male enhancement pills work within a hour leo pro male enhancement the name of a tree Penis Enlargement Device male enhancement products warnings whose wood is very hard and highly valued for building purposes it is called by the natives the queen of woods. The name molave is applied to several species of Vitex. especially to V. geniculata , Bl. Penis Enlargement Device 71 Pina a silver design Penis Enlargement Device in the form of a pineappl. e. 72 i.e. to scourge themselves, as a voluntary penance a practice then common among religious devotees. It was probably v shot male enhancement review a survival from the earlier practices of Penis Enlargement Device the associations of Flagellants, who publicly scourged themselves, in penitential processions through the streets they appeared during the period 1260 1420. 73 Cf. the belief of the Winnebago Indians regarding the fate of d

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eparted souls Wisconsin Historical Collections , xiii, p. 467. 74 Golo the name of a charm for lovers, Penis Enlargement Device used by the ancient Tagals Blumentritt, Dicc. mitologico, p. 51. Penis Enlargement Device Regarding this book of charms, cf. Retana s Libro de aniterias Madrid, 1894 , which reproduces a similar book, obtained Penis Enlargement Device from a Filipino native, with explanations of such words and phrases as are intelligible Penis Enlargement Device it is preceded by extracts from the Practica of Tomas Ortiz, O.SA. 75 Evidently a reference to the serpents of the genus Python , allied to the boa constrictor. They attain enormous size in the forests, some specimens having been obtained over twenty Penis Enlargement Device two feet long. Young ones are often Penis Enlargement Device kept by the natives in their houses to kill the rats these snakes become tame and harmless. 76 In the printed work, on the margin opposite this and the following sentences, are various references, thus Isaiah, 60 Isaiah, 9 Psalm 79 Isaiah, 66 Psalm 35, whereon B. Amb. Greg. II. moral. c. 2 the Penis Enlargement Device last apparently a reference to St. and Pope Gregory I s Moralia in Jobum Basle, 1468. 77 In the margin of the printed page is a reference to Ezekiel,

8. 78 Cf. Loarca s version of this and other myths, and his account of the native beliefs and superstitious practices Vol. V, pp. 121 141. 79 The Tagals also. called this bird tigmamanukin its titan male enhancement reviews scientific name is Irene cyanogastra , Meyer Blumentritt s Dicc. mitologico xtend xr male enhancement ginkgo biloba for male enhancement , pp. 34, 118. See Forbes s description of the gnc male stamina enhancement fairy bluebird Irene turcosa in his Naturalist s Wanderings in the Penis Enlargement Device Eastern Archipelago New Penis Enlargement Device York. 1885. shops male enhancement vancouver p. 67. 80 Naso the native name for which is Siroan and Potol are, respectively, the southwest and northwest extremities of Panay Island. Cf. Penis Enlargement Device the offerings made to rocks by the Huron Indians Jesuit Relations , x, p. 165. 81 Probably referring to Cape San Agustin, the southeastern extremity of Mindanao, at the eastern entrance of Sarangani Strait, where there is always a heavy sea. 82 For this reason it is called Puntas Flechas Pablo Pastells, S.J. Penis Enlargement Device 83 In the margin of the printed work is a reference to 3 Kings, 16 i.e. Penis Enlargement Device the first Book of Penis Enlargement Device Kings in the Protestant v. ersion Penis Enlargement Device of the Old Testament. 84 See accounts of the practices of medicine men among the northern tribes of the North A

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