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Penile Traction l, on the epistle side which is on the side next the house, and joined to the sacristy, were placed the holy relics, which at the instance of the Catholic king our lord, and the Penile Traction urgent request of Father Alonso Sanchez, were donated by the Apostolic See and had the previous year. The tabernacle in which these relics now repose had already been constructed and finished it embraces the whole width of the chapel. It is of an incorruptible wood which they call in those Penile Traction parts molave. 70 It is adorned by eight columns, four on a Penile Traction side, grouped in a square, with base and pedestals which sustain, higher up, its architrave, frieze, Penile Traction Penile Traction and cornice, with finials and handsome architectural designs. Between the columns there are five distinctly marked compartments, two small ones on each side and a large one in the center all of them of like design and exquisite proportion, with finely carved doors and inlaid work, with cavities in which the holy relics are preserved with great propriety and honor. The color of the whole work externally is black partly natural, on account Penile Traction of the quantitie.s of ebony that it contains, which is very abundant in those regions, and partly derived from

the varnish which is Penile Traction Penile Traction used to imitate that wood. The mouldings, outlines, pinas, 71 and red male enhancement pills order by phone floriations are gilded, and there are other ornaments of gold and ivory. The altar is below, with its two steps at the height of the pedestals which support the columns. In the spaces between the columns, on both sides of the altar, were placed two images or statues of the glorious Penile Traction apostles, St. Peter and St. Paul these are fastened in place by strong and curious locks and are covered with two pairs of curtains one pair of gauze striped with silk and gold, the other of finest damask with embroidery and gold lace. Whenever these holy relics are exposed at their respective feast days, the ceremony is conducted with great solemnity and numbers. of white candles are placed not only on the altar and steps, but all over the charlotte male enhancement tabernacle from top pills for male stamina to bottom, giving it dignity and distinction. On the twelfth of January of the Penile Traction year one thousand five hundred and ninety best male enhancement product found at walgreens Penile Traction seven, the holy Penile Traction relics were deposited there, with such orexis male enhancement rejoicings and festive show as had never been known before in the islands. In all this was seen Penile Traction how it was God who solicited hearts, and moved them to honor the glorious soldiers whom

Penile Traction

he had brought again for the defense and protection of the earth. They were borne in procession through the principal streets of the city, which, although handsome in themselves, were decorated so elegantly that their very elegance expressed the devotion of the people. They had erected at intervals arches a dozen in all the greater number lofty, and with sculptured im.ages the others of silk and thin stuffs, so ingeniously knotted together and adorned with various compositions and characters that they presented a very pleasing sight. They constructed with great skill several fountains, some of which gave Penile Traction forth water and others wine two, in particular, issuing from a window, gave forth milk and Penile Traction Castilian wine, which were highly prized Penile Traction at that time in the islands. The relics were borne on six platforms, no less splendid Penile Traction than costly, since they carried nearly all the gold, precious stones, and jewelry of the Penile Traction city, which had been offered with much readiness and good will. Our Lord rewarded them for this, for there was not Penile Traction one accident, or a single piece lacking, Penile Traction of which there had previously been some fear, on account of the great gathering of all classes of people. As for the d

ecorati. on of man fuel male enhancement review the Penile Traction best pills male enhancement church, the edifice itself, recently completed, was so beautiful and pleasing that it sufficed for adornment, although not so elaborate male enhancement coaching as the tabernacle. Its beauty was increased by elegant hangings of tapestry, and by many inscriptions written by Ours in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Castilian, and Tagalo extending in three rows along the great nave, besides others, corresponding to these, Penile Traction in various places. newest male enhancement As I have said, the holy relics were borne on six platforms, resting on the shoulders of men, most of whom were Penile Traction religious, and in fourteen reliquaries, which were carried by as many religious and dignitaries of the cathedral, clothed in their official robes, accompanied these. Add to this the salutes from the forts, and Penile Traction Penile Traction the standards of the confraternities carried in the van, and Penile Traction the effect was highly imposing. . The festivities lasted nine days, each order celebrating celexas male enhancement inactive ingredients its special feast, preaching and saying mass with the greatest possible Penile Traction solemnity. The Augustinian fathers began the festivities, considering the occasion

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