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Male Extra ken, roast duck, steamed fish, fried pork, pork knuckle, mutton, Stir fried small river shrimp. There are twenty varieties of vegetarian dishes. There are four types of cold dishes, including preserved eggs. Two kinds of hot soup, two kinds of porridge. There are two kinds of fruit, there are two kinds of Male Extra snacks, Male Extra one kind of tea, jasmine tea, and the wine is the kind of altar wine with fifteen Male Extra copper coins and one pound. The general manager s meticulous memories suddenly raised the voice. Right, they have hot pots, not Male Extra made of red copper. They are made of iron. They are also good charcoal and not smoke. Miss Tong exclaimed, Do they also have hot pot Even if it is not a copper hot pot, it is an iron hot pot, and it also has a hot pot. Zheng Huaiyu disapproved, said The hot pot of hot pot, there is no ice, it Male Extra is much hot. Yes. The general manager was a little excited The first f.loor of the guest is very hot. The little one is afraid of the cold and is not afraid of the heat. After eating it for a while, the buffet is sweating, and other diners are sweating. Li Ruyi calculated it in his heart, and Male Extra the buffet will come back to make money, but not much. The m

ore people eat the buffet, the lower the cost. The capacity of the guest to come back to the first floor is placed Male Extra there. The daily intake of ingredients is far less than that of Yancheng Restaurant. There is no channel for purchasing from Yanjun. The purchase price of ingredients is much higher than that of Yancheng Restaurant. stimulation pills As for the ten shops on the second floor, Male Extra Li Ruyi felt that Male Extra the number was small penis extender instructions and could not form a scale. What is the theater singing I heard that I bought a troupe in Shacheng. About a dozen people best girth penis can sing Male Extra a play and can sing a play. Look at a play, one person has five coins. The small one feels ugly, and the fight is not lively. I can t stay in the half and leave. Li Ruyi continued to ask You don t like to listen, maybe other Male Extra guests love to male breast enhancement products Male Extra listen. There are not many guests who leave the middle of the road Not many and many, before the small exit, probably seven or eight people. The theater can sit vaso 9 male enhancement a total of fifty people. Li Ruyi looked around a few people and said slowly It seems that the boss who came back fro.m the customer has the idea of making money from the auction house only. The general manager s eyes admired, The

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little god doctor said it is extremely. Several big businessmen think so too. After Miss Tong s general manager left, she asked If you want, Male Extra our auction hall can t cut the price, and we can t secretly deal with the customer. Then we have to compete for the visitor again The key to the auction hall is the Male Extra success of the auction and the security of the transaction. We only need to do every auction item every time, and maintain a good reputation. After a long time, someone came to our auction house to auction. Li Ruyi Sigh aloud, said Just now, I still can t think of a good way Male Extra to compete. Miss Tong has always been anxious, very frustrated Since the opening of our mall, the pure profit of the auction hall is as high as 8,300 and two silver Can we not make money in the future Miss Qi s eyes turned and whispered, Would you like, we secretly cut the price, and collect the guest s fee in person, secretly giving the guest half the cost The boss who came back to you Male Extra is a fool. He can tell us that the auction hall is very profitable. We can find out that we secretly refund half of the Male Extra cost to the guests. Male Extra In addition, we will use the price cut to hit us again. Li Ru

yi shook his 7 second male enhancement head and said with emotion After the auc.tion has just taken shape, the guest will come back to destroy the industry s charging rules. white lightnig male enhancement pill Zheng Huaiyu is more calm than Miss Tong and male enhancement formula for smoothies Miss Qi. I think that even if we Male Extra don t auction at the auction hall, the entire commercial complex will not lose money. If this is the case, don t worry, look at it while watching. Li Ruyi nodded and said I agree. On this day, because the guests came back to the auction hall, the four women Male Extra were unhappy, and Li Shan, who was dozens of miles away, was completing a very important event. The annual summer harvest is in full swing, wearing a straw shoe in the field to sweat the extenze fast acting working tenant, picking up the burdened wheat Male Extra and picking Male Extra it up to the bai wei pills empty space next to Male Extra Male Extra the field. Even if there was heavy rain a few days ago, some wheat was Male Extra drowned, and it was impossible to reduce the yield per mu of the

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