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Herbal Male Enhancement ngly it s only the end of the long trail. The young Herbal Male Enhancement chief was bending over his old friend with them. Long Beard, you know me. Flying Arrow your papoose boy long time ago. Yes, yes, he faltered, I know you thank God, you re here. You save my 244 white boy and girl now. You promise The Herbal Male Enhancement words.came with great effort. Yes, me no let Injun hurt em me take care of em. There I feel better. Now we ll camp over there be quiet Tobe go to sleep. His last words were scarcely audible. His weary head fell back, the gentle, gray eyes closed, and the old mountaineer rested in peace at the end of the long trail. Fred and Alta sat for a few moments half dazed then suddenly realizing that he had gone, Alta broke under the Herbal Male Enhancement strain and Herbal Male Enhancement sorrow into wild expressions of her grief. Oh, Fred she cried, he s dead he s given his life to save me. How can I ever bear to think what my troubles have cost him Herbal Male Enhancement There, don t blame yourself, dear, said Fred, taking her in his arms. It was a sweet sacrifice for him, Alta Herbal Male Enhancement he loved you. I loved him, too, she sobbed and I love you, for being so brave and good to me. Alta, do you really mean it Herbal Male Enhancement He drew her close to

his throbbing heart. Mean it, Fred why I Herbal Male Enhancement have always loved you, only I never knew how much till now. 245 Sweetheart he raised her troubled face to his. The rest was told in their sweet first kiss. Thoughts of danger a.nd death were fx iii plus male enhancement pill momentarily swept aside by the rush of joy that filled their hearts. Out of pain and suffering, their love had suddenly leaped Herbal Male Enhancement into glad life. They had found each other. A new strength had come to their blended souls and with it came a sweet comfort, as they Herbal Male Enhancement sat there hand in hand through the stillness, keeping watch over their old friend, endeared to them now by memories that could never die. male enhancement e pills that make your pinus grow The Indians did nothing to molest them, but made hurried Herbal Male Enhancement performax male enhancement pills preparations to steal away as they had planned. Silently the dusky forms glided here and there among the tepees then best sex drugs for men group after group disappeared along the trail to the eastward until Herbal Male Enhancement all were gone but Flying Arrow and half a dozen young braves. When morning broke to light the scene, Bud Nixon still lay where he had fallen, and by Herbal Male Enhancement his side the Indian girl whom he had wronged sat in silent sorrow. Come, sister, said the young chief in gentle Indian t

Herbal Male Enhancement

ongue, I ll take care of you. He raised her tenderly and led her away, while other Indians, lifting up her White Chief s body, carried it along t.he canyon trail an 246 other brave followed these, leading Ankanamp s horse. They buried him in a crevice among the lava rocks. Over this rough Herbal Male Enhancement Herbal Male Enhancement grave they piled stones and sticks to keep bird or beast from molesting it. His horse they killed and buried by him, that he might have something to carry him to the Happy Hunting Grounds. The sorrow stricken Herbal Male Enhancement girl begged to be killed too, but they forced her to leave with them. This done, Flying Arrow returned to take a parting look at his old friend. He Herbal Male Enhancement gazed in silence for a moment. Then turning to Fred and Alta he said, Now go, get friends, carry Long Beard home. Injun no hurt you any more. Good by. Good by, brave responded Alta with feeling. Good by, said Fred, reaching out Herbal Male Enhancement his hand we ll not forget your kindness. The young chief took the proffered hand, turned quickly, sprang upon his horse and disappeared along the trail through Herbal Male Enhancement the pines. He was hardly out of sight when hoof beats were heard down the canyon, and a few moments later

Colonel Morgan best male enhancement pill 2017 with Cap Hanks, Dan, Jim, Pat the best natural male enhancement supplement and several other Herbal Male Enhancement ranchers.came upon the scene. 247 The Colonel leaped from natural testosterone booster reviews his horse to Herbal Male Enhancement take his little squirrel in his arms, and to hold her there while they listened to Herbal Male Enhancement Fred s hydromax pump video sad story. Touched to tears, the group of Herbal Male Enhancement rugged men stood in silence till Colonel Morgan said quietly, Let s make a litter, boys, and carry his body home. The next day a crowd of ranch folk from all over the valley gathered to pay their last humble tribute to the old mountaineer. They buried him on Sunset Cliff, just above his cabin. An elder made a few remarks, telling the story of the old man s noble self sacrifice, read the Shepherd Psalm, and offered a simple prayer. To mark the spot, a cairn of rough stones was piled above the grave. After the Herbal Male Enhancement crowd had dispersed, Fred and Alta lingered to cover the cairn and grave with autumn leaves. The sun was just setting when they finished their loving work and took the male enhancement ingredients effective trail toward the Morgan ranch for the Colonel Herbal Male Enhancement would listen to no other plan than that Fred should stay there as long as h

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