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Extenze Directions ent and ingenious compositions of various kinds were delivered, to which prizes were awarded, after two exceedingly pleasing, dignified and impressive declamations had been recited in praise of the holy relics. Divine worship was also improved in Extenze Directions the new church by the addition of some silver lamps, candlesticks, chalices, patines, wine cruets, monstrances, and thuribles many altar hangings and chasubles, made not only from the silk and embroideries of that country, but from damask, velvet, and brocade brought from Espana and Italia, with printed borders hangings Extenze Directions heavily embroidered with.seed pearls and thin silver plates and various draperies, some of velvet and damask, others of colored taffeta. Besides all these things, Extenze Directions there was the Extenze Directions chapel of the singers, who with voices and music of flutes and clarions, serve in the masses, Extenze Directions vespers, and Salves , at least on the principal feast days. There was also begun at this time, through the devotion of Canon Diego de Leon who Extenze Directions was then Extenze Directions attending the lectu

res in our schools , the practice of assembling in our church many men of all ranks to take the discipline, 72 three days in the Extenze Directions week, especially during Lent a practice which lasts to this Extenze Directions very day. This what male enhancement makes you bigger best male enhancement oils same canon Extenze Directions stimulated their Extenze Directions piety on these occasions by a half hour s reading from some devout book. At the conclusion of the reading, the penance began, during which they repeated devoutly the Miserere. Th. is good timez male enhancement pills holy exercise was a source the best male enhancement drugs of Extenze Directions great edification to the Indians and, in imitation of it, a great number of them took the discipline on those nights, in turn with the Spaniards. Further proceedings at this time in Manila by the Indians and Spaniards. Chapter XIX. At this time the Indians were very numerous, both within the city of Manila Extenze Directions where there are more than six thousand, scattered through the houses of the Spanish inhabitants and in all the outlying districts. These people Extenze Directions repair to our male enhancement pills india church for confession not only in Lent but on all other days Extenze Directions of the year consequently, there were not

Extenze Directions

fathers enough acquainted with their language to care Extenze Directions for them spiritually from morning to evening. I know of some who had waited for more Extenze Directions than ten or even twelve days, without being able, for the press of people, to reach the f.eet of the confessor. Others remained a whole day in the church, waiting for their turn. This gives evidence of the Extenze Directions ardor and perseverance Extenze Directions with which they attended to the welfare of their souls. On Sundays and the afternoons of feast days, when the sermons were preached in their own language, the church was crowded above, below, in the choir and galleries, all which, although very spacious, were filled and, besides, there were many of those people outside the doors which are five in number. In two ways they were equally enthusiastic in celebrating the deposit of the holy relics first, in the great devotion that they displayed during the whole eight days while the festival lasted and the relics were exposed men, Extenze Directions women, and children attending it in such numbers, both morni

ng Extenze Directions and afternoon, that they could not free trial of male enhancement enter the. church. The Spaniards, astonished at this, said that those holy relics must have come to Extenze Directions Extenze Directions Manila for the Indians, ed pumps best judging from the way in which the latter attended and venerated researched male sexual enhancement them. To show appreciation of their great Extenze Directions devotion, and to inspire them with more, a short discourse, in their own language, was delivered to them every afternoon, preceding the Salve sung by the choir, and accompanied by the music of the wind instruments. The second thing they booty extreme enhancement pills are male enhancement pills addictive did in the service of the holy relics was to institute a confraternity or congregation dedicated to those relics with the title and vocation of all Extenze Directions saints. Their object was, each beginning with himself and Extenze Directions his own spiritual profit, to strive with all their might for the welfare of their neighbors, by performing works of mercy, in both temporal and spiritual affairs, as. their opportunities permit in which effort they exert themselves, by the grace of our Lord, with Extenze Directions the advantages which we shall see la

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