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Extend Pills his followers mounted him on a horse the woods sheltered him as he fled. Thus fortune tended much both towards his encountering and his escaping danger. XXXI. Whether Ambiorix did not collect his forc.es from cool deliberation, because he considered he Extend Pills ought not Extend Pills to engage in a battle, or whether he was debarred by time and prevented by the sudden arrival of our horse, when he supposed the rest of the army was closely following, is doubtful but certainly, despatching messengers through the country, he ordered Extend Pills every one to provide for himself and a part of them fled Extend Pills into the forest Arduenna, a part Extend Pills into the extensive morasses those who were nearest the ocean, concealed themselves in the islands which the tides usually form many, departing from their territories, committed themselves and all their possessions to Extend Pills perfect strangers. Cativolcus, king of one half of Extend Pills the Eburones, who h.ad entered into the design together with Ambiorix, since, being now worn out by age, he was unable to endure the fatigue either of war or flight, having cursed Ambiorix with every imprecation, as the person who had been the contriver of that mea

sure, destroyed himself with the juice of the yew tree, of which there is a great abundance in Gaul and Germany. XXXII. The Segui and Condrusi, of the nation and number of the Germans, and who are Extend Pills between the Eburones and the Treviri, sent ambassadors to Caesar edge male enhancement pills to entreat that he would not regard them in the number of his enemies, nor consider that the cause of all the Germans on this side the Rhine was one and the Extend Pills Extend Pills same that they had formed. no plans of war, Extend Pills and had sent no auxiliaries to Ambiorix. Caesar, having ascertained this fact by an titanax male enhancement formula gel examination of his prisoners Extend Pills commanded that if any of the how to enlarge male organ Eburones in their flight had repaired to them, they should be sent back to Extend Pills him he assures Extend Pills them that if they did that, Extend Pills he will zytenz not injure their territories. Then, having divided his forces into three parts, he sent the baggage of all the legions to Aduatuca. That is the name of a fort. This is nearly in the middle of the Eburones, where Titurius and Aurunculeius had been quartered for natural male sexual enhancement supplements the purpose of wintering. This place he selected as well on other accounts as because the fortifications of the previous year remained, in order. th

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at he might relieve the labour of the soldiers. He left the fourteenth legion as a guard for the baggage, one of those three which he had lately raised in Italy and brought over. Over that legion Extend Pills and camp he places Q. Tullius Cicero and gives him 200 horse. XXXIII. Extend Pills Having divided the army, he orders T. Labienus to proceed with three legions towards the Extend Pills ocean into those parts which border on the Menappii he sends C. Trebonius with a like number of legions to lay waste that district which lies contiguous to the Aduatuci Extend Pills Extend Pills he himself determines to go with the remaining three to the river Sambre, which Extend Pills flows into the Meuse, and to the most remote parts of Arduenna, whither he heard th.at Ambiorix had gone with a few horse. When departing, he promises that he will return before the end of the seventh day, on which day he was aware corn was due to that legion which was being left in garrison. He directs Labienus and Trebonius to return by the Extend Pills same day, if they can do so agreeably to the interests of the republic so that their measures having been mutually imparted, and the plans of the enemy having been discovered, they might be a

ble to commence a different line of operations. XXXIV. There was, as we have above Extend Pills observed, no regular army, nor a town, nor a garrison which could defend itself by arms but the people were scattered in all honey male enhancement directions. Where either a hid. den valley, or a woody spot, or a difficult morass furnished any hope Extend Pills of protection Extend Pills or of security to x monster male enhancement pills any one, Extend Pills there he had fixed himself. These places were known to those that dwelt how to use delay spray in the Extend Pills neighbourhood, and the matter demanded great attention, not so much in protecting the main body of the army for no peril could occur to them altogether from those alarmed and scattered Extend Pills troops , as in preserving individual male enhancement pills reviews yahoo soldiers which in some measure tended to the safety of the army. For both the desire of booty was leading many too far, and the woods with poseidon 3500 male sexual enhancement pills bottle their unknown and hidden routes would Extend Pills not allow them to go in lar

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