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Best Male Supplement berty on condition of obtaining a supply of plantains, lemons, oranges, pineapples, and other fruits, of which, in a short time, they brought a large supply. On this they Best Male Supplement and their husbands were allowed to depart, but Sembrano, the Spanish, and Diego, the Portuguese, were detained to make themselves useful Best Male Supplement on board. Crossing the Tropic of Cancer, the English came to an anchor off a little Best Male Supplement island a league to the northward of Mapatalan. Here one of their prisoners escaped by swimming across to the mainland, Best Male Supplement a distance of a mile. They were now in great want of water, and on first landing did not believe that it could be Best Male Supplement found on the island but one Best Male Supplement of their Spanish prisoners, called Flores, told them that if they would dig in the sand they could procure it. This they did, and after getting down about three feet, it bubbled up in such profusion that they in a short time were able to fill all their casks. They remained here until the 9th of October, when again sailing, they came off the Cape of Saint Lucar, which greatly resembles the Needles of the Is.le of Wight. Here, according to the information received from Sancius, they expected to fall in with the Manill

a galleon. The Desire and Content , therefore, beat tooth whitening products reviews up and down off the headland of California, a bright look out being kept for their anamax reviews male enhancement expected prize. Soon Best Male Supplement after seven o clock the trumpeter of the Desire , who Best Male Supplement had gone where can i buy semenax aloft, espied a vessel bearing in from the offing, on which he cried Best Male Supplement out, with no small joy to himself and the whole company, A sail a sail On this the master and several others hurried aloft, when, convinced that he was right, Cavendish was informed of the joyful news. The two small vessels were immediately got ready for the expected fight, and the sails Best Male Supplement being trimmed, they gave chase to the galleon. In the afternoon they got up to her, and without waiting to hail, they each having given h. er a broadside and a volley of small shot, laid her aboard, although she was of seven hundred tons burden enzite male enhancement and full of men, whereas their zevs male enhancement drops ships companies had been greatly reduced with those they had at different times lost. Best Male Supplement They were at once convinced that she was the Santa Anna , the galleon they were in search of, belonging to Best Male Supplement the King of Spain. The tacks had been hauled down, and she was hove to, but not a man could be seen on her decks. As soon as the English began

Best Male Supplement

to climb up, however, they perceived the Best Male Supplement Spaniards standing close together, armed with lances, javelins, rapiers, targets, and vast quantities of large stones, with which they so warmly attacked the heads of their assailants that the latter were driven back again into their ships, two being killed and several wounded. On this, Best Male Supplement as the two little sheered off, Cavendish ordered his crews again to fire their great guns, and to discharge their small arms Best Male Supplement among the Spaniards, by which the sides of the galleon were Best Male Supplement pierced through and through, and many of her crew killed and wounded. The Spanish captain, however, like a valiant man, still stood at his post, refusing to yield. Cavendish on this, ordering the trumpets to sound, the broadside guns and small arms were again fired, with such effect that many more Spaniards were killed and wounded while the shot striking the huge ship between wind and water, she began to fill. On this the Spanish captain struck his colours, and holding out a flag of truce, asked for quarter. Cavendish promised that it would be given, and ordered the Spanish officers Best Male Supplement to strike their sails and lower a boat. Without loss of time this.was d

one, and one of the principal male enhancement pills smiling bob merchants coming up Best Male Supplement the side of the Desire , falling on Best Male Supplement his knees, implored the Admiral s mercy. Cavendish assured him it would be granted, that their lives would be spared, and that they would be well treated, provided he was correctly informed of the amount of valuables on board the galleon. The captain and pilot, who had also arrived, told him that the ship carried one hundred and twenty two thousand pesos of gold, and that the rest of vigrx plus vs neosize xl her cargo Best Male Supplement consisted of silks, satins, damasks, with musk and other merchandise, with provisions of all sorts in abundance. They were detained on board while the galleon their prize Best Male Supplement was natural enhancement for men fierce pills carried into Puerto Seguro. There was here a stream of clear water, with plenty of fish, fowl, and wood to be obtained, as also numerous Best Male Supplement hares and coneys. As soo. n as they had anchored, the English employed themselves in transferring the rich cargo on muscle growth hormone supplements board their own vessels, as also in dividing the treasure, to each man being allotted a certain portion but the crew of the Content were very far from contented, and showed some inclination to Best Male Supplement mutiny. They were, however, to all appearances speedily pacified, Best Male Supplement though as it turne

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